holy SHIT

concretefemme it begins


holy SHIT

concretefemme it begins

doseone is SUCH a cool guy like 

he literally wrote a bigass almanac of poetry to sum up an entire universe that one of his bands wrote music about, handmade all of the covers, numbered every copy, made them unique by tearing out parts and making them look used, recorded himself reading every page and put a 3-hour CD in every one, then just sold them on tour to his fans in person

and all the different pages are about different characters/concepts and they’re written in different styles like the one about Reverend Pittman is written in all this biblical style, every time he does anything he gets described all over again like “Reverend Pittman, the sweeper of all take and his obsequious make—[moves a chess piece or whatever]” and Dr. MoonOrGun’s page is written in really a really clinical way like aaaah man that’s dope

In honour of this unimportant thing

that last post started out about how much chicken i ate for dinner and the unmanageable amount of killer farts that have resulted, and i just added bits and took out bits i thought people didn’t want to read until it was just about how cool people on this site are


oh yeah i remembered i can get meds free now (ie i can afford meds now) because i’m on ESA so when i see my doctor again in a week i’m gonna be all like “yo” 

not citalopram again but “yo”

ask meme!


MUST be anon
Make me a brew
Tag someone else to make the next one
Leave the brew in my living room

that post about the girl cutting off her tattoo has actually made me get post blocker 

why do multiple people i follow think that’s something that people want to see smdh

I may have just considered the costs of farting in a jar and mailing it to dave